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   Frequently Asked Questions

To Help You Find the Right Contractor

At Diversified Remodeling and Construction, we know that picking the right contractor is an important decision. To help you with your decision, we'd like to provide some answers to commonly asked questions.

What are the three most important questions to ask a contractor?

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes!, we are licensed and insured. Make sure your contractor is!

  2. How long have you been in business?
    Finding a contractor that has been in business a long time can give you an idea about if they'll be in business in the future just in case you have a problem or question. Diversified Remodeling and Construction, Inc. has been in business since 1993 and is still going strong!

  3. Do you have a list of references?
    Be sure to do reference checks and investigate the quality of work provided by your contractors. We have completed a great number of projects and can offer a list of customers for reference. You can see the work we've done and talk to our customers.

Questions you should ask yourself when considering bids from multiple contractors:

  • All of my bids having different base prices. When comparing them, how will I know the differences? I want quality service and piece of mind, but don't know what questions to ask to achieve these.

    It is not uncommon for multiple contractors to give different bids. When we place a bid, we may not be the cheapest contractor. However, when it comes to quality and honesty, we're top notch. We care about the excellence of the finished project just as much as you do. That's why all of our work comes with a warranty.

    In addition, if you'd like to research our reputation on your own, just ask and we'll be happy to provide references. That way, you can see how important it is for us to make you happy by asking our previous customers.

  • How will I know if the contractor has the knowledge, expertise and experience to offer me the best project advice available?

    Here at Diversified Remodeling and Construction, we have been in business long enough (since 1993) to know what works. We will work with you to execute your ideas as precisely as possible, making your project the best it can be.

  • Time is important to me and I want a company to start and complete my job in a reasonable time frame. What are some things that a contractor can provide to help me with this goal?

    We want the job done right, but also done on time. We will do all we can to establish a realistic timetable before the project begins so you know up front what to expect because we want you to enjoy your new home addition as soon as possible. In addition, we'll take care of all permits and inspections to save you more time up front.

  • How can I be sure a company has a reputation for unmatched work, service, and honesty?

    With Diversified Remodeling and Construction, all you have to do is ask. We are more than happy to provide a reference list so you can investigate our work for yourself. You'll see that our projects are attractive, functional, and of excellent quality.

  • I plan to be home during the remodeling process and am concerned about safety. Are there any questions I can ask a potential contractor to ensure that they are conscientious about my safety as well as their own during the construction process?

    The key question to ask any contractor is if they are licensed and insured. This is important for everyone's protection. All of our work if fully licensed and insured, so you'll never have to worry about safety with us.

  • Why is an investment in quality products important to my project?

    During our years in business, we have found that high quality material yields not only a project that looks attractive, but that will stand the test of time. Our main concern is that your finished product will provide you with years of enjoyment. Longevity of our projects is important to us and that's why we only use the best materials available...always.

  • I live in a community where consideration and respect of my neighbors is a primary concern. What tasks should I ask a contractor to perform to help with this?

    We take pride in keeping trash and debris to a minimum. That's why we will remove all of the day's gathered trash each evening, leaving your home clean and neat. In addition, although remodeling sites can be noisy, we make every attempt to always be considerate of neighbors and try to time our projects during hours when they would be least disruptive.

  • I need help financing my remodeling project and don't know where to turn. Do contractors have ties to lenders and offer help in financing the work?

    Some contractors do, but you'll have to ask to know for sure. At Diversified Remodeling and Construction, we can help you obtain financing if you need it. Just let us know at our initial consultation and we'll do what we can to help.

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